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I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy films. I particularly enjoy shorts.

Sure some of them look bad, some sound bad, others are poorly written–basically, they can suck. In my experience, Hollywood has the same problem.  Thankfully, unlike that Hollywood blockbuster that you spent probably $20 on, you can usually just find another short on Youtube or Vimeo and move on. It’s kind of like going to a different theater, only you won’t get thrown out/arrested.

What I like most about shorts is that they are pure. They aren’t usually created with ticket sales in mind. Shorts are born of an idea and created at the intersection of that idea and the talents of their creators.

In that sense, I really enjoyed PLURALITY. In fact, I count it as one of the best films I’ve seen recently.

It’s got great production value; cinematography and audio are top-notch. The story is very compelling and it is well written.

What blew me away were the special effects. I guess it is a perk of the times we live in, but it’s not often you see such professional special effects in a Youtube video. Honestly, this is great and you can watch it right here:

So how was it? Did you like it? Did you hate it?

Either way I’ve got a little challenge for you: find something that will blow me away and leave a link in the comments.